Programs & Activities

Seminar and Conferences:

The institute organizes various seminars, workshops and conferences every year. It provide platforms not only to learn new aspects, others perspectives and latest information, but also a good way on networking both national and international aspects. At these students are given opportunity to increase Technical skills, meet with leaders in their fields, and improve their presentation and communication abilities, and help then to learn about the latest research in their area.

The Institute believes in the holistic development of students. To facilitate this there are a number of students’ committees comprised of and run by the students themselves. The institute organizes various activities such as sports, events, seminars, camps, social works etc.

Awareness Program:

Social Service Field Work:

As a part of an interdisciplinary team to help students succeed, student’s involvements from different departments formed teams which are then assigned to various programs, social works. These work assessing students with mental health concerns, gives satisfactions, motivation and inspire to do better other than academics.

Industrial Visits:

Intending to go beyond classroom learning, our Institute organizes Industrial interface with companies for practical exposure for the Students. The Industrial tour contribute a lot in holistic student development by letting students learn about current trends in the market, the future scenario of the industry and the new technologies that are being applied in the industry.

Counselling Program:

The Admission team visits different schools to help students to choose their career after passing 10th examination. We also provide services to support students for future / career / Social / emotional and academic growth to all students at each stage of development.

XIPT Bulletin:

A quarterly bulletin is published to keep people aware and informed about development at XIPT. We seek to provide the campus and community with relevant information and intended for posting current news and events. We promote educational cultural and recreational, events, activities, meetings etc. every quarterly basis.


Sports are said to boost alertness, discipline, team spirit, mental ability, confidence and concentration of a student. It is essential to develop the students physically as well as mentally. It enhances the personality of individuals by imparting various traits in them.
In addition to that, sports and games are known to develop the students holistically. In XIPT sports play a key role in molding the students. Playing sports on a regular basis will boost the stamina of students. Irrespective of the field students choose in the future, they must possess team spirit to gain success in the sphere.
XIPT understands the significance of sports and games for students. That is why they encourages its students to participate in sports regularly. Through sports, students can develop both physically as well as mentally and acquire design thinking. The XIPT organizes various activities such as Inter Polytechnic football Match, Inter polytechnic Cricket Tournament etc.

Cultural Activities:

The cultural activities enhance the confidence level of the students thereby allowing them to perform better. XIPT focuses on bringing people together. The cultural activities such as festivals, sports, events or classes create social solidarity and cohesion, fostering social inclusion, community empowerment, and capacitybuilding, and enhancing confidence, civic pride, and tolerance. These activities develop the personality of the students and assist them in shaping a good career.

Annual Festival:

An Annual fest is a time when the entire team comprising of faculty members, students from various disciplines like (M.E/E.C.E/E.E.E), staff members come together and contribute to their best to this great endeavor to bring out the extra ordinary talent in participants from every field.