Principal's Message

Er. P.N. Verma
Principal, XIPT

We are well aware that there has been a huge advancement in the field of Engineering and Technology in the last couple of decades. Irrespective of the discipline of Engineering, there has been immense progress with development of new and state of the art technologies. From bullock carts to supersonic jet planes, from simple letter writing as one of the means to communication to the latest communication devices, from earthen road to high class bituminous and concrete roads, the world has undergone a metamorphic change. One must note that the only raw material that can make such a great turn around is EDUCATION. Education, regarded as a ‘lifeline’ of civilizations through the ages, has no alternative for a society that wants growth and development in real sense. Education is undeniably capable of enlightening narrow minds into liberal ones, transforming derogatory ideas into futurist ones and metamorphosing futile actions into fruitful ones. I feel privileged to lead such an exciting and dynamic, Institute which develops the best technical expertise among the students and offers great opportunities for them to cater the needs of emerging Industries and Technologies. Our dedicated, innovative and caring faculty members with their open mindedness and superb laboratory facilities produce quality manpower of global standards by providing sustainable technical knowledge and skill to them. I ensure that the students would be provided the very best, standard technical education with all-round personal development.

With the best wishes